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Common problems facing couples

Gold Coast Marriage counselling is here to guide you towards solutions within your relationship. As a psychology center that specialises in relationships and couples counselling, we have counselors available to support you and your partner. Marriage Counselling is not reserved for married couples, but can be a useful tool throughout your relationship. Whether you are moving in together, deciding to have children, or getting married. Relationships are difficult and working through struggles may feel overwhelming. Gold Coast Marriage counselling provides a safe environment for you as a couple to strengthen your bond and learn to understand one another.

What are some of the most common problems facing couples?

While every relationship and story is unique and complicated. There are several issues that many couples may face during their relationship. The frequency of these problems means that you are not alone, and that Marriage Counselling has had the chance to study and find methods to target these problems.

Lack of care and commitment in the relationship

Having a healthy relationship requires care and commitment from both parties. Once the honeymoon phase wears off, work needs to be put in to continue positive growth. If one or both partners feel unappreciated and overlooked in the relationship, this may grow resentment and hostility. Neglecting one another and the relationship will grow problems in the partnership. Everyone looks to be valued and have that expressed to them in ways they understand. Counselling will be able to help voice these concerns in a safe environment and work towards better expressing appreciation and love for your partner.

Unresolved conflict and past trauma

Conflicts are a normal part of any relationship. However how we deal with them, is how we see the strength and health of the partnership. Unfortunately, due to expectations being higher in marriages than other relationships such as friendships, these conflicts can grow overtime. Small annoyances can grow into deal breakers, and a fight from several years ago may keep rearing its head. The blame game is often played instead of discussing the core of the issue and moving forward. This may be due to lack of care, or it may be due to the lack of knowledge on the topic. A counselling session will help you identify the core issue of the conflict or trauma, and walk you through healthily communicating with your partner.

Not meeting expectations within the relationship

Whether expectations are fidelity or taking out the trash, romantic relationships tend to have the most amount of expectations heaped upon them. While having low or no expectations is one of the best ways to be happy, it is almost impossible to separate your partner from your thoughts of how they should be. Failing to meet expectations may happen if the expectations have not been voiced aloud. Or simply due to lack of care and purposeful neglect by one of you. You may feel something needs to be done a particular way, while your partner disagrees. Therefore, you and your partner may feel the other falls short in the household, finances, work, or raising children. Counselling sessions can help you vocalise the expectations and find a happy medium for both parties. Communication without hostility being a key part of this practice.

Healing from infidelity or an affair

An affair and breaking of trust can be one of the most painful experiences for a couple to go through. Whether individuals wish to stay together and work through infidelity, or go their separate ways. The amount of pain, frustration, and anger can be staggering. Revenge, lashing out, and punishment are just some of the ways individuals respond to this trauma. The psychologist will be able to mediate the situation and help you come to a resolution. There is no right way of dealing with this heartbreaking situation, but certain methods and practises can improve communication. If you and your partner wish to stay together, a psychologist can provide you with tools to rebuild trust. On the other hand, if you wish to leave, they can help you find your priorities, goals, and decide how to move forward.

Mismatched sexual connection

Once the honeymoon phase has flown by, it is natural to have ups and downs in sexual interactions. The frequency and passion will oscillate depending on the life situation around you. In addition, pressure from culture, personal experience, and religion may play a role in your personal relationship to sex. If two peoples sex drive is mis matched, this may grow into resentment and further issues in the relationships. This ties into conflicts and expectations and can have severe negative impacts on the relationship as a whole. In addition, sexual troubles can raise their heads in the form of erectile dysfunction, porn addiction, vaginismus, or more. Finding the cause of the issue and intervening early, can help strengthen and possibly save your relationship.

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